For as long as I can remember, I’ve loved reading. Books were friends and teachers. They were paths of escape and a wonderful way to spend a long, lazy day when I was sent to my room. I think it drove my father nuts to come in and expect to find a contrite, bored daughter only to see me curled up on my bed, lost in a book. Even worse, it was a book I had to read for school.

Somewhere around fifth or sixth grade, I discovered that I was pretty okay at stringing words together. My need for escape had shifted from passive to active. I still loved to read, but letting my own imagination run wild on the paper was a different kind of magic. As time passed, I got more serious about it. What did I want to be when I grew up? A Published Author!

Life delayed that one a bit, but I never stopped lining words up. Eventually, I let my imagination off the leash and we tore down the erotic path like there was chocolate promised at the end. There’s a great deal of freedom and fun in writing these tales. I haven’t found the end of that path. It just keeps winding and branching and teasing… and growing more fun.

You will find that the links on this page go to short stories listed under the name “Askani Aichi.” Until very recently, I kept the more adult fare separate, under a nom de plume. I am in the process of updating the links as I step out of the lingerie closet. For now, though, rest assured – the links are not mistakes.